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The Importance of Clean Clothes This Winter and How Important Dry Cleaning Is During The Winter Months

Soon it will be time to replace those thick sweaters and winter boots with bikinis and sandals. A quick approach to keep your closet tidy all year long is to change out your wardrobe according to the seasons. To make the most of your closet space and prepare for the upcoming season, take things out of the closet and put them away. However, you cannot just tuck your favorite fall sweater beneath the bed after placing it in a storage container. If you want to make sure your clothes look beautiful and are ready to wear once the temperature cools down, dry cleaning them before storing them is a crucial step.

Here are some good reasons to take your winter clothing to the dry cleaners before putting it away.

Eliminate bugs

Bugs love to live in your packed clothing. If you don’t keep your winter clothing properly, pests might breed in a warm, dark environment. The possibility of this occurring is almost eliminated by having professional dry cleaners do a final cleaning before storage since the garments will remain fresh and less appealing to pests.

Zero stains

The majority of individuals are aware that clothes must be washed before being stored. However, a quick wash in the washing machine won’t prevent discoloration throughout the months of inactivity. When left undisturbed in a box for longer than six months, minute particles that stick to your clothing can grow swiftly to become a sizable, troublesome stain. The only way to get around this problem and stop any new stains from appearing is to have them professionally dry cleaned by one of the best Chicago dry cleaning companies.

Last-minute fixes

Next winter, picture yourself reaching into the storage unit to get your favorite cardigan for the holiday dinner. When you take it out, you discover a sizable hole in the sleeve! Sure, you promised yourself that you would have it fixed later, yet you never did. This situation might have been easily prevented if you had dropped it off at the dry cleaners before packing it. To ensure that the garment is ready when you need it, your dry cleaner may promptly perform any required repairs.

Wonderful aroma

It’s never pleasant to open a crate of old clothes only to be confronted with the distinct musty smell of neglect. You’re then faced with cleaning everything before you can wear it, only to get rid of the odor. Fortunately, Chicago dry cleaners are well-versed in the best methods to avoid odor. With the assistance of your dry cleaners, you won’t be met with the dreaded “old clothes smell”; instead, your garments will smell great and ready for use.

Preserve your garments by caring for them before putting them away. To find out more about how we can help keep your clothing looking its best all year long, contact us at our  Dry Cleaning Shop Chicago at (312) 829-1006