Chicago Dry Cleaning & Tailoring Delivered at your Doorstep

Never before has caring for your clothing been so simple. Your dry cleaning and laundry are picked up, properly rinsed, cleaned, and delivered to your home by Fresh Press Cleaners.

With more than 25 years of dry cleaning and alteration expertise, we offer expert service for both daily requirements and special occasions. Need your clothes altered for a wedding, your pants hemmed, or just some quality dry cleaning? Look no further!


Schedule a dry cleaning or tailoring alterations through SMS, our website, or the app whenever you need it. Even if you're not at home, service is accessible seven days a week between 7pm and 10pm

Expert Cleaning

While your belongings are being cleaned by fabric care experts with decades of expertise, take advantage of the additional 4 to 5 hours you save each week with Fresh Press.

Fast turnaround

Unwind with delivery to your front door. With quick options available, the standard turnaround time is 3–4 days. We'll contact you with the valet's estimated arrival time on the day of delivery.

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Our Services

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Dry Cleaning

Entrust your treasured garments to a cleaner who values quality. A cleaner who employs a gentle method to clean fragile clothing without causing fabric damage.

Shirt Laundry

More than any other Chicago cleaner, we go to great lengths to assure the flawless shirt, and it shows

Wash & Fold Laundry

We'll clean your clothing and bring them to you folded and ready to put in the drawer!

Household Items Cleaning

As we're all spending a bit more time indoors these days, home things like pillows, blankets, carpets, and other items are getting a lot more useful as a result.

Wedding Dress Cleaning

Whether you trample the entire train or some wine on your shirt, We'll take care of it. We carefully clean your wedding gown with beautiful detail using ecologically safe procedures.


Your outerwear puts in a lot of effort to keep you warm and fashionable, but it requires regular maintenance to remain in top condition throughout the season and beyond.

With our reliable, fast, and convenient laundry services, you can be sure your clothes are in good hands.


Years Of

​​PARTNER WITH Fresh Press Cleaner

Do you live in a condo, high rise, or large community? When Fresh Press Cleaner becomes the preferred vendor at your facility, you will receive significant savings off our standard prices! 

Household Item Cleaning

Regular cleaning of your bedding is crucial, but it's just as important to understand the cleaning process! You can relax knowing that the Fresh Press Cleaner uses no petrochemicals in the cleaning process, giving your beloved bedding the wonderful spa treatment while in expert care and returning it to you completely fresh, clean, and odor free.

Office Cleaning

We take great satisfaction in going above and beyond for all our clients. We specialize in offering green office cleaning services. To ensure spotless outcomes, our specialists deliver janitorial services to our office cleaning clients. Regular audits and knowledgeable supervision guarantee that our crew complies with our stringent commercial cleaning requirements.

Quality Services

For our esteemed customers

Leave the laundry errands to us to save time and maintain your sanity.

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